Participant Handbook updated April 2022

c. CSBS staff reviews CEHs submitted online at the ECP Appian site. When necessary, CSBS staff will convert an electronic CEH submission form to Portable Document Format (PDF) for distribution to the Committee. Annual certification fees must be paid within ninety (90) days of issuance of invoice. Upon CSBS staff review of the CEH submission confirming that eligibility criteria to recertify have been met, the certified person’s record is updated to reflect the new date of expiration. A digital certificate and badge, containing a unique identifier and secured in the blockchain, will be provided to the certified person. The digital certificate will also contain the new expiration date. Public Information CSBS certification staff and the Certification Committee shall verify and provide information, upon request, as to whether an individual holds a current and/or prior, valid certification and the scope of that certification. The scope and purpose of each ECP credential, as well as the required competencies, are described fully in the requirements documents found at the links provided in the Appendix at Tab E, as well as within the application for each credential. Certification is awarded to individuals who exemplify the standards set forth in these documents: those who demonstrate superior technical competency in their field of examination and a desire to expand their knowledge and abilities through continuing education. Ideally, a certified examiner should hold the certification credential that most closely aligns to their current responsibilities; however, neither this nor any other clause herein is meant to interfere with any established protocols or applicable precedents or hinder in any way the discrete certification policy of any participating state agency. As stated in Section II.A. herein, the ECP is intended to serve CSBS’s long-standing mission of enhancing examiner professionalism by encouraging members to engage in ongoing training through its rigorous core and continuing education (CE) requirements. CE requirements are strictly enforced to ensure that this critical goal is met. B. Subject matter experts: selection and demographics The Committee may engage the services of subject matter experts (SMEs) to assist in the development of rigorous standards for new credentials, and in the ongoing and regular review of requirements for existing credentials. The Committee will seek candidates from the widest possible demographic and geographic areas. Once selected, permission from the direct supervisor of the potential SME will be secured before asking the candidate to serve as an SME. d. e. f. 3. Certification Schemes (ANSI Standard 17024:2012, Clause 8.0) A. Scope and Purpose of Credentials


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CSBS Examiner Certification Program Participant Handbook (4 th 3 rd ed.)

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