Participant Handbook updated April 2022

VII. Certification Process Requirements (ANSI Standard 17024:2012, Clause 9.0) A. Performance-Based Assessment Process

Unlike many certification programs, the ECP does not administer an examination as a component of the application process. Rather, the ECP relies on strict adherence to the three core requirements of all its credentials: (1) on-the-job service, (2) completion of core education, and (3) supervisory recommendations through adequate ratings and thorough narrative assessment. Additionally, completion of a minimum number of field examinations is required for several credentials. Lastly, a candidate must be able to demonstrate the ability to meet the continuing education requirements for recertification. The Certification Committee delegates authority to CSBS staff to award certification when all designation requirements are met. If an application is received by CSBS staff that deviates in any way from a credential’s core requirements, staff will request that the applicant initiate the waiver process below if they elect to proceed. 1. Waiver process. A waiver is considered by the Committee upon the request of the candidate, with the approval of their supervisor. A statement in support of a waiver must be provided to the Committee, which takes into consideration all aspects of the application and any special circumstances set forth by the applicant. In most cases, the Committee will deliver a decision to the applicant and their supervisor within fourteen (14) days of the waiver request. The Committee will grant a waiver when the applicant demonstrates that they fulfill the credential requirements through alternative, equivalent education and/or industry or federal regulator on the-job experience. A simple majority of Committee members must vote in the affirmative to grant an application waiver. 2. Determining education equivalency. Core education other than a designation’s stated requirement will be determined to be equivalent if it contains these three features: (a) conducted by qualified instructor(s) (instructor credentials must accompany an equivalency request); (b) consists of a minimum of forty (40) hours [or twenty-eight (28) for specialty designations] of classroom training; and (c) focused on skills-based training (not emerging issues, seminars, or roundtable discussions). 3. Accommodation. No individual shall be deprived of the opportunity to apply for ECP certification by reason of a disability. All disabilities shall be verified and accommodated where possible as long as the accommodation does not fundamentally alter the process by which the knowledge and experience of the applicant is measured.

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CSBS Examiner Certification Program Participant Handbook (4 th 3 rd ed.)

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