CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog

Mortgage Servicing: Prompt Crediting and Payoff Statements 15 minutes This course provides an overview of the prompt crediting and payoff statement rule, including the types of payments that can be made and how to handle the different types of payments and respond to written requests for payoff statements.


Mortgage Servicing: Privacy and Information Security 20 minutes This interactive course provides an overview of privacy and information security considerations for mortgage loan servicers, including Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.

Portfolio Management

Credit Administration

Portfolio Management 30 minutes This interactive course provides an overview of effective portfolio management, including risk identification, exception reporting and monitoring, stress testing, and more.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Wealth Management: An Introduction to TAMPs 20 minutes Intended for wealth management personnel, this interactive course covers the basics of turnkey asset management programs. Using video and optional audio, the course helps wealth and investment advisors understand the characteristics of TAMPs, their potential benefits and limitations, and questions to ask and get answered when considering specific TAMP partners. 45 minutes This course is intended for wealth management personnel needing an overview of the Bank Secrecy Act and its implications for preventing money laundering and terrorism financing. Requirements for wealth management and other financial institutions to know their customers, file Currency Transaction Reports and Suspicious Activity Reports, and compare customers' identities against government lists are discussed. 30 minutes This course is intended for wealth management personnel and provides an overview of available options for education savings. The course details and compares the features of Coverdell ESAs and 529 savings plans. Wealth Management: BSA and AML Considerations Wealth Management: Education Savings Accounts


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