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Workplace Violence

Preparing for an Active Shooter in the Workplace 5 minutes Intended for all employees, this course provides a brief overview of active shooter situations in the workplace and how employees should respond to protect themselves. 30 minutes Intended for all employees, this interactive course provides learners with an overview of how to identify signs of potential violence in the workplace, what steps can be taken by the institution to prevent and prepare for it, and how to appropriately respond in an emergency situation. 30 minutes This course, intended for all audiences, addresses the potential for workplace violence, the impact of violence in the workplace, signs of potential violence and strategies against it, and how to respond in an emergency situa- tion such as an active shooter scenario. Workplace Violence Workplace Violence: Warning Signs and Prevention Business Writing: Being Effective 60 minutes This course teaches write more effective messages. Many business communicators know how to gather research but may not be aware of the writing process, from pre-planning, to research patterns, to first draft. This course presents a time-tested approach for organizing, writing, and revising a professional business message. 60 minutes This course explains how to use the 3 x 3 Writing Process for routine business correspondence. You will learn how to communicate with different audiences: customers, employees, and superiors. You will also learn to write coherently for different mediums letters, memos, and emails. 30 minutes Over 90 percent of all business communication is in the form of writing. In this course, you will learn how to write a concise and informative business message. Your continued success in today's business environment depends on your ability to organize and write professional business messages. This course provides a systematic approach to the writing process. 45 minutes This course presents techniques for writing two crucial business documents proposals and reports. It covers the various types of business reports and proposals, their structure, purpose and content, as well as professional models of reports written by seasoned experts. Students will learn the components of each kind of business report and proposal in use today, including formal and informal formats. 45 minutes The World Wide Web and email technology have changed the way we communicate. Email offers a clear busi- ness advantage, speeding up transactions and long distance discussions and has become the communication medium of choice in the office, replacing the phone and one-on-one contact. In this course you’ll learn about email etiquette and the unwritten rules of email messaging, resulting in more effective emails. Business Writing: Letters and E-mails Business Writing: Preparation Business Writing: Reports and Proposals Email Etiquette Writing


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