CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog


An Overview of Chapters 7 and 13 Consumer Bankruptcy 45 minutes Designed for anyone involved in consumer loans, particularly loan officers and loan auditors, this interactive course provides an overview of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, including the qualifications for each type of bankruptcy, the parties involved in a bankruptcy case, the bankruptcy process, how lenders should prepare for the creditors' meeting, and the concept of discharge.

Basic Consumer Lending

Consumer Lending Basics 150 minutes This course will introduce supervisors and loan officers to the types of consumer loans and how financial institutions reach a lending decision. Key topics include the advantages that different kinds of consumer loans offer consumers, the different consumer loan classifications, the consumer loan process, and the regulations that affect consumer lending. 165 minutes This course, recommended for lenders, describes which factors affect delinquency rates for consumers. It also identifies delinquent borrowers and outlines the components of an effective collection policy, as well as the steps in preliminary collection procedures. It also explains the provisions of the Fair Collection Practices Act, various collection methods, and remedial payment techniques. 120 minutes In this course, intended for loan officers, loan auditors, credit analysts, and anyone involved in the loan process, you will learn how to identify all parts of a personal financial statement; determine the value, ownership, and control of the most common assets; recognize how to analyze an applicant's cash flow; and identify any special risks facing the applicant. 60 minutes This course, intended for lending personnel, addresses when to use the tax return and its importance to the lender. It also examines the significant parties involved in the tax return, how to use the tax return to identify income sources, major expenses, and potential liabilities and risks, how to use the tax return to verify informa tion obtained from other credit sources, especially the personal financial statement and loan application, and the supporting tax schedules and what each covers. 135 minutes This course is designed for lenders and others who need an in-depth understanding of the consumer loan servicing function. This course covers security interest and perfection, the ways in which a lender maintains security interest in collateral, how a lender releases its security interest when a loan is paid off, the three main loan payment systems, a lender's reporting requirements, the activities involved in servicing indirect loans and credit cards, and how to handle customer inquiries. Consumer Loan Collections Lending: Analyzing Personal Financial Statements Lending: Analyzing Personal Tax Returns Servicing Consumer Loans


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