CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog


Bank Security - General Principles 30 minutes All financial institutions are targets for criminals simply because financial institutions specialize in handling money and other valuables. From robberies, to embezzlement, hostage situations, and even terrorist attacks, financial institutions are often targeted for these and other crimes. A solid security plan is crucial to thwarting these attacks and helps your employees follow the proper procedures in a time of crisis. In this course, intended for security, management, and any other employee involved with developing and implementing security procedures, you will learn how to summarize the minimum features that must be included in the financial institution's security program, describe some of the more salient issues that your financial institution's security program should address, and identify the general principles that should guide any security incident response. 45 minutes While your specific financial institution will train you on the exact procedures that you should follow as detailed in the financial institution's security plan, there are general security principles that underlie these procedures that you need to consider. In this course, intended for tellers, front-line employees, and anyone involved in implementing security procedures, you will learn how to explain what the concept of 'dual control' means and how it applies to the security of the financial institution, recognize proper general procedures for opening and closing a branch location, identify common daily security threats and how to guard against them. 20 minutes This course, intended for frontline employees, compliance officers, security personnel, and senior management, will help you to prevent embezzlement schemes by describing the various kinds of embezzlements that can occur and the kinds of employees most likely to attempt them. Bank Security - Operating Procedures Preventing Embezzlement

The Volcker Rule

Volcker Rule Basics 30 minutes Intended for compliance personnel, this interactive course provides a high-level introduction to the Volcker Rule, including tips and best practices for establishing a compliance program.

Vendor Management

Managing Third Party Vendors 40 minutes Intended for employees who have contact with third-party vendors, this interactive course defines vendors and the types of services they provide, outlines the procedures for designing a request for proposal and contract, and describes the types of risks associated with vendor relationships.


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