CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog

Regulation W: Comprehensive 60 minutes This interactive course presents a general overview of Regulation W. The course covers quantitative limits and collateral requirements for covered transactions between a member financial institution and its affiliates. Other topics include identifying transactions that are subject to Reg W, valuation and timing principles for covered transactions, and exemptions that may apply. The general organization of Reg W is emphasized, to aid learners in their future research and application of the rules. The course is intended for directors, management, loan officers, investment officers and audit staff of financial institutions. 30 minutes This interactive course presents a brief overview of Regulation W. This course covers key definitions and provisions of Reg W, including quantitative limits and the market term requirement for covered transactions between a member financial institution and its affiliates. Coverage is appropriate for employees who need a high-level understanding of Reg W, such as HR employees, retail representatives, lenders, and supervisors. Regulation W: Essentials How to Prevent Embezzlement 20 minutes This course, intended for frontline employees, compliance officers, security personnel, and senior management, provides an overview of embezzlement schemes and the controls institutions can put in place to prevent them. 30 minutes This course is intended for all personnel, particularly frontline employees, to ensure that they understand the appropriate procedures to follow during and after a robbery, as well as the various preventative measures that can be utilized to deter and/or prepare for a robbery. 30 minutes Intended for branch managers and sales and service leaders, this interactive course provides learners with an overview of how to execute and lead their institution's policies and procedures for ensuring the physical security of the branch location, employees, and consumers, including during a robbery. The Volcker Rule 30 minutes Intended for compliance personnel, this interactive course provides a high-level introduction to the Volcker Rule, including tips and best practices for establishing a compliance program. Robbery Prevention and Response Sales Leadership: Physical Security Volcker Rule Basics Security

Vendor Management

Managing Third Party Vendors 40 minutes Intended for employees who have contact with third-party vendors, this interactive course defines vendors and the types of services they provide, outlines the procedures for designing a request for proposal and contract, and describes the types of risks associated with vendor relationships.


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