CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog

Board of Directors: Regulatory Overview for Directors 20 minutes Upon completion of this course, board members will be able to identify which laws and regulations apply to banks, including BSA, Reg B, and Reg Z, recognize how much a board member should know about applicable regulations, determine where to find regulatory update information and resources, understand how a credit union should update policies and procedures based on amended regulations, and identify how often the board should approve updated policies and procedures.

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Planning 30 minutes Intended for senior management and Board of Director members, this course provides a comprehensive overview of the business continuity planning process and discusses common types of business interruptions, including IT and telecommunications outages, adverse weather, natural and human disasters, and pandemics. 90 minutes Any significant disruption of the activities of one or more units of a financial institution can be costly in many ways. This course, intended for compliance officers and senior management, addresses why a disaster plan is necessary, how to develop the plan, key elements to consider for the plan, how to write the plan, and how to properly test the plan. 30 minutes In this course, designed for management personnel responsible for designing disaster preparation plans, users will explore the issues involved with designing a pandemic plan including describing the purpose of pandemic preparation, summarizing the issues that need to be considered when developing your financial institution's pandemic plan, and identifying potential obstacles to implementing your financi institution's pandemic plan. Disaster Recovery Pandemic Planning

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management 30 minutes Intended for middle management, this interactive course provides an overview of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), including the ERM framework.

Records Retention

Federal Records Retention Requirements for Banks 45 minutes This course serves as your one-stop shop for understanding federal records retention requirements. Upon completion of this course, recommended for management and board members, learners will recognize when records must be retained, the duration of retention, and exactly which types of documentation must be retained. They will also understand the required elements and key players of a records management program. Regulation O 30 minutes Regulation O was designed to address situations where you extend credit to certain executives, directors, and principal shareholders of your financial institution in order to prevent these kinds of people from using their Reg O: An Overview


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