Participant Handbook updated April 2022


 Technical: review and revise, if necessary, any and all documentation, whether in print or online, used in the operation of the ECP and in furtherance of the its stated objectives and mission statement  Risk Management: assure community that certification criteria is reasonable and valid; that procedures are fair and clear; that waivers and grandfathering are legitimate and evenly applied; that changes to credentials and/or the process are developed by SMEs and approved by consensus; and that reasonable accommodations are made for those with disabilities  Schedule: review and improve, if appropriate, the time ‐ specific factors related to ECP certification: three ‐ year term, grace period for CEH submissions, waive ‐ in deadlines, etc.  Costs: review and adjust, if necessary, the fees associated with ECP certification: application fee, certification fee, upgrade fee, etc.  Conceptual: Regular audits demonstrate that the Certification Committee and ECP staff are managing the program effectively on behalf of the certified community



Project Team Roles and Responsibilities

Julia Lang Project Manager

Heather Ensminger CertificationCommittee Liaison to ReviewTeam

Dave Novotny Audit ReviewTeam Member

Bob Lipot Audit ReviewTeam Member

Richard Plotkin Audit ReviewTeam Member

Chuck Martier Audit ReviewTeam Member


6 CSBS Examiner Certification Program Participant Handbook (4 th 3 rd ed.)

Page 35


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