Participant Handbook updated April 2022

4. Periodic review of credential requirements will be conducted; any changes will be made publicly accessible and will be communicated directly to participants and pending applicants, both of whom must fulfill any new requirements instituted resulting from these periodic reviews. B. Guidelines for Denial, Suspension, and/or Revocation of Certification Misrepresentation of a candidate’s experience and education and noncompliance with eligibility criteria for certification and/or recertification constitute serious ethical issues that may result in investigation and disciplinary action. Cause for denial, suspension (temporary), or revocation (permanent) of certification includes, but is not limited to: 1. Falsification of information on the certification application 2. Misrepresentation of continuing education hours submitted for purposes of recertification 3. Falsification of any information requested by the Committee in response to a waiver request 4. Misrepresentation of certification status 5. Change in employment status 6. Inability to meet continuing education requirements 7. Failure to pay certification fees In any investigation of alleged misconduct, misrepresentation, and/or noncompliance, an objective review process is conducted in which evidence substantiating the allegations is collected to provide due process and to protect the rights of candidates and/or certified persons. When CSBS staff or the Committee finds a certified person to be in non compliance with certification criteria or other policies, the certified person’s certification status is suspended. The Committee requires the certified person to show cause why certification should not be revoked. In such cases, the burden of proof will be on the certified person to demonstrate why certification should not be revoked. C. Recertification Recertification is granted when two conditions are met: 1. The certified person has met the continuing education requirements, and 2. All outstanding certification fees have been paid. Any pending disciplinary actions will delay recertification until such actions are resolved. Continuing Education: The three-year certification maintenance cycle was selected to ensure that certified persons participate in continued learning and professional development activities. The continuing education requirement promotes involvement in

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CSBS Examiner Certification Program Participant Handbook (4 th 3 rd ed.)

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