CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog

Reg Z: Required Disclosures 5 minutes This mini-course offers a review of Regulation Z’s disclosure requirements for mortgage loans, including the Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure, and others. The course is intended for all personnel required to have general knowledge of Reg Z’s practical implications for real estate loans. 30 minutes Intended for lending personnel, this course will teach you to identify provisions for reverse mortgages, recognize and apply consumer impact, and review and utilize disclosures required under Reg Z for reverse mortgages. 45 minutes This course, intended for mortgage lenders and employees involved in mortgage lending, addresses the timing, loan type and notification requirements of the right of rescission, and how to apply the right of rescission to liens, funds and waivers. 60 minutes This course, intended for all loan personnel, examines the distinguishing features of HOEPA loans, including compliance criteria that must be considered when dealing with HOEPA loans, limitations and prohibitions in place when servicing HOEPA loans, and how the Ability to Repay rules apply to HOEPA. 90 minutes Upon completion of this course, recommended for mortgage lending personnel, students will be able to identify the background and purpose of Reg Z, indicate the key elements of a disclosure statement, and determine when disclosures are required. Reg Z: Reverse Mortgages Reg Z: Right of Rescission Reg Z: Section 32 (HOEPA) Loans RML: Complying With Regulation Z Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA): Essentials 30 minutes Intended for all employees, this course provides a high-level overview of RESPA, including the disclosures that are required throughout the loan application process, prohibited practices, and penalties for noncompliance. 15 minutes This RESPA course, recommended for consumer loan personnel, provides a quick introduction to RESPA. It explains when RESPA applies to a loan and outlines the exceptions to RESPA's coverage. 45 minutes This course, recommended for loan application personnel, discusses key disclosures required by RESPA. It provides the details and purpose of the Loan Estimate and the Good Faith Estimate (GFE); demonstrates how to use the Home Loan Toolkit; and outlines how to prepare the Closing Disclosure and HUD-1/1A. It also outlines additional disclosures and requirements under RESPA. 30 minutes This course, recommended for lending personnel, provides an overview of the Real Estate Settlement Proced- ures Act. After describing the purpose of RESPA, it outlines the procedures that lenders must follow and the information that lenders must provide to applicants. It also provides examples of common RESPA violations and types of mortgages that are exempt from RESPA. RESPA: An Introduction and Applicability RESPA: Key Disclosures and Procedures RML: Complying with the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act RESPA


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