CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog

The Mortgage Lending Process 60 minutes Upon completion of this course, recommended for all mortgage lending personnel, employees will be able to identify key features of a loan application and determine which types of documentation must be collected after an application is received. Also, employees will learn the two parts of the underwriting process, including how to calculate the debt-to-Income ratio. Rounding out the last steps of the mortgage lending process, employees will learn proper loan closing procedures and recognize a lender’s responsibilities for loan servicing. 45 minutes This course, recommended for lending personnel, is designed to provide the general guidelines of the under- writing process. The learner will be able to recognize the laws that affect underwriting, determine how the secondary mortgage market affects the availability of funds for mortgage loans, identify the process for underwriting mortgage loans, and recognize the role that technology plays in underwriting mortgage loans. Underwriting Residential Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Origination

Mortgage Origination: The Loan Estimate 20 minutes This interactive course, intended for individuals responsible for discussing and/or completing Loan Estimate forms, provides an overview of the Loan Estimate, its key fields and timing requirements, and its impact on the Closings Disclosure. This course includes: TRID, TILA, RESPA.

Predatory Lending

Predatory Lending Awareness 30 minutes This course, intended for all lending personnel, will help you to differentiate between good subprime lending and predatory lending, determine the risks predatory lending poses to financial institutions, recognize how to help your financial institution avoid predatory lending, and identify the most common predatory lending practices.

Regulation B

Reg B: Credit and Loan Handling 30 minutes This course, recommended for loan personnel, addresses how Reg B affects consumers and small and large business loans, what information must be gathered for eligibility, when it's appropriate to gather credit informa- tion on a spouse, and the requirements for providing copies of an appraisal. 5 minutes This interactive mini-course focuses on notification obligations for financial institutions when they take adverse action on requested or existing credit accounts. The course is intended for lending staff and employees requiring knowledge of Regulation B. 30 minutes This course, recommended for new hires and loan personnel, provides a better understanding of prohibited discrimination, loans that apply to Reg B, and types of lenders who must comply with this regulation. Reg B: Adverse Action Notification Reg B: An Overview


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