CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog

Project Management: The Basics 45 minutes This course is designed to introduce you to project management. The course presents definitions, boundaries, and basic responsibilities as well as some examples of projects.

Social Media

Managing Social Media 30 minutes Intended for managers and Human Resources personnel, this interactive course provides best practices for employers in monitoring and managing employees use of social media in the workplace and addresses considerations for employers in developing and implementing a social media policy.


Being A Successful Supervisor 60 minutes A supervisor is a critical contributor to an organization's success. This course details the most important elements of successful supervision, with attention to both people and organizational skills. You will learn tools and techniques for making the most of the talents of the work group, personal skill assessments, and methods for organizing and managing the workflow. 45 minutes Effective delegation is a strategic tool that leaders use to save time, enhance the morale of workers, and develop employees by placing authority in their hands. In this course, you will explore the delegation process, learn to overcome barriers to delegation and give effective feedback. You will also learn to apply this powerful tool for the benefit of your organization. 60 minutes Developing customer relationships is very important. In this course, you will learn how you can provide consist- ent and legendary customer service to maintain your competitive position. 60 minutes Discharging an employee can be uncomfortable. There are also serious implications for the organization. In this course, you’ll learn more about the process of discharging and employee and learn about the details you don’t want to overlook. 60 minutes It is often difficult for managers and supervisors to make valid employment decisions. Employees may believe that a decision was unfair or biased. By implementing an effective workplace discipline policy, employees will know what is expected of them and what penalties may be imposed for certain offenses. This course provides practical advice on implementing or improving your discipline policy. You will learn to establish a policy and document all incidents, keep workforce dissatisfaction to a minimum, increase productivity, and boost morale. 45 minutes Providing effective performance feedback is an important part of your role as a manager. This module will give you an understanding of the importance of performance feedback. Informal performance feedback is provided on an ongoing basis, while a more formal process is the annual performance review. We will outline the stages Delegation Developing Strong Customer Relationships Discharging an Employee Effective Approaches to Employee Discipline Effective Performance Feedback


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