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Customer Service

Customer Service: Handling Difficult Situations 30 minutes Intended for all employees, particularly frontline personnel, this interactive course provides an overview of customer service best practices, including how to communicate effectively with customers and handle difficult situations like errors and consumer complaints. 45 minutes This module emphasizes teamwork as a means to providing exceptional service and responding to customer problems in a way that will increase customer loyalty and retention. Providing exceptional customer service is an ongoing process of uncovering and resolving problems. Skills acquired in this course need to become a habit for everyone in the institution. 60 minutes Today's information-age customers are the most informed and demanding shoppers ever. For a service representative, meeting the demands of one of these savvy customers can be a customer service nightmare. In this course, you will learn how to calm angry customers and effectively resolve their complaints. 60 minutes Exceptional customer service means not only satisfying your customers' needs, but exceeding their expectations. In this course, intended for all new hires, tellers, and all customer contact personnel, you will learn the import- ance of exceptional customer service, the role of attitude in customer service, the importance of positive body language, and the role of communication including listening and sending clear messages. 30 minutes Exceptional service requires more than just strong individual performance great customer service requires that we work as a team. This module will help us sustain high-quality service across all departments, jobs and roles in our institution. The module discusses the importance of teamwork, the concept of continuous service, how to build better teams and develop a model for making referrals within our institution, and reviews the importance of supporting and reinforcing our customers' decisions. 30 minutes The secret to exceptional service is treating your customer the way you would want to be treated. Despite the technological tools in our hands, customer service cannot be fully automated; it has to happen with and between people. Even though we know when we receive good customer service, it is hard to define or to quantify. In this module, we will look at the value of customer service and how to implement it in organizations. Exceeding Customer Expectations Handling Difficult Customers Key Essentials of Customer Service Meeting Customer Needs with Teamwork Providing Service Excellence


Diversity and Inclusion 30 minutes Intended for all employees, this interactive course addresses the importance of diversity and inclusion in preventing bullying and harassment in the workplace and identifies the responsibilities of employees in helping to promote diversity and inclusion and address inappropriate behavior.


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