CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog

Reg D: Understanding Reserve Requirements 30 minutes This interactive course covers the purpose of Reg D, identifies covered accounts , and outlines the regulation’s impact on an institutions consumers.

Regulation CC

Reg CC: An Overview 30 minutes This course, recommended for all personnel, gives employees a better understanding of Regulation CC, including its purpose, institutional requirements, and institutions and accounts that are affected by it. 60 minutes This course, intended for tellers, new accounts representatives, and security personnel, addresses who commits check fraud, the purpose of Reg CC and its impact on institutions, the limits on deposit holds, and special rules Reg CC: An Overview of Check Fraud Prevention for depositing funds. The course also examines blanket vs. case-by-case hold policies, and how disclosure requirements, customer service, and fraud prevention are related. 60 minutes This course, intended for front-line employees and security personnel, examines the check kiting process, the characteristics of check kiters, clues that indicate check kiting attempts, and ways to prevent check kiting. 30 minutes This course, recommended for any employee who handles checks, teaches your tellers and front-line employees about the disclosures required by this complex regulation. It covers how and when to inform customers of hold policies, how to handle check endorsements properly, and the disclosure process to follow in exceptional situations. 5 minutes This interactive mini-course provides a brief review of Regulation CC’s rules for delaying funds availability. The course is intended for personnel, including frontline and back office employees, who need to understand the Expedited Funds Availability Act and Regulation CC. 30 minutes This course, recommended for all employees who handle checks, teaches about the exceptions allowed under Reg CC. This tutorial covers Reg CC rules for handling exceptions to normal funds availability requirements. It will help you identify situations where the First $200 Rule applies and recognize deposit items that are exceptions to normal availability requirements. 45 minutes This course, recommended for new hires and front-line employees who handle checks, teaches the ins and outs of how to comply with this complex regulation. This tutorial covers why different holds are allowed for different types of deposits, what the maximum amounts of holds are, how to identify the correct calendar date on which funds must be available and much more. Reg CC: Check Kiting Reg CC: Customer Disclosures Reg CC: Delaying Funds Availability Reg CC: Exceptions and the $200 Rule Reg CC: How to Comply


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