CSBS BAI Online Course Catalog

Identity Theft 'Red Flags': Duties of Financial Institutions and Creditors 45 minutes This course will help you recognize identity theft Red Flags; identify the requirements of an institution to develop, implement, and maintain an identity theft prevention program; determine the procedures required for credit report users when confronted with a Notice of Address Discrepancy from a consumer reporting agency; and apply appropriate methods for issuing credit or debit cards when confronted with an address change. 5 minutes Intended for all employees, this interactive course defines identity theft and surveys some of the common tactics thieves use to steal personal and security information. 45 minutes In this course, intended for new accounts personnel, tellers, customer service representatives, and loan officers, you will learn how to identify the various scams and schemes criminals use to access and exploit sensitive identity information. 45 minutes This course, recommended for any employees who handle identifying or sensitive information, can help your financial institution become proactive instead of reactive with the following topics: the definition of identity theft, which types of customer information to protect, how to detect identity theft, common scams, and how to prevent identity theft in six steps with the S.E.C.U.R.E. method. Identity Theft Tricks and Tactics Identity Theft: Minimize the Risk Information Security: Preventing Identity Theft


Consumer Protection in Sales of Insurance: Requirements and Prohibitions 30 minutes Banks that sell non-deposit products such as insurance and annuities must be sure to maintain compliance with the Consumer Protection in Sales of Insurance regulations. This brief program, designed for any bank personnel involved in the sale of insurance and/or annuities, examines why consumer protection rules were established, which practices are prohibited and why, how and when to make required disclosures, and the major exceptions to disclosure rules.

International Banking

International Banking Facilities (IBF) 30 minutes This course, intended for management, explains and defines International Banking Facilities (IBFs), including criteria to become and IBF. Services provided by and advantages of IBFs will also be covered. 45 minutes Intended for bank executives, the board of directors, and the accounting department, this course defines bribery, emphasizes the importance of following accounting provisions, and explains compliance initiatives, including the risk of non-compliance. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act


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