BAS Presentations - March 2023

APPENDIX C – Example Cash Flow Projection Format Basic Methodology: Expected cash outflows and inflows are projected over various time horizons. If regular cash inflows are insufficient to fund expected outflows, liquid assets and/or borrowings will be utilized to cover the shortfall. Management should be using these types of projections to identify funding shortfalls and develop appropriate funding strategies.

0-30 days

31-90 days

4-6 months

6-12 months

Expected Cash Outflows: *New Loans/Drawdowns New Investments Deposit Maturities and *Withdrawals Maturing Borrowings (E.g. FHLB) Total Periodic Outflows Expected Cash Inflows: Fed Funds Sold *New Deposit Growth Asset Maturities/Payments/*Prepayments Total Periodic Inflows

Periodic Net Cash Inflow/(Outflow) Cumulative Net Cash Inflow/(Outflow)

Available Liquid Assets: Cash and Due/Excess Reserves Unpledged Liquid Investments Total Liquid Assets External Funding Sources: Lines of Credit FHLB

Brokered Deposits (Internal Limit) Internet Deposits (Internal Limit) FRB Discount Window Total Borrowing Availability * Asterisk indicates critical assumptions which should be supported.

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