Accreditation Handbook for State Agencies

multiple topics. The agency is asked to answer a series of questions and rate themselves against the corresponding standard. The agency can add documentation to support its answers and ratings. It is hoped your responses to the statements and questions will address much of the criteria needed by the onsite accreditation team to gain an understanding of how your agency operates. However, narrative space has been provided for each area to allow the agency to better address items and information it feels has not been fully covered by the statements and questions previously asked. Narrative responses should be kept concise as they each have a character limit. The use of the narrative space is optional by the agency. If your responses need further explanation or description, you may add attachments to support your rating. Following completion and submission of the SEQ, the agency will be evaluated by a review team, made up of experienced bank and/or mortgage regulators. This review involves an in-depth on-site review of the agency’s work product and interviews with key personnel. The review team will also rate the agency against the standards, and compute the scores and provide its immediate feedback to the agency. The review team will then draft and submit a report to the PSC, which outlines the recommendations for the agency, provides the final score and if the agency has met the minimum standards set forth in the program. The decision to accredit an agency is the sole responsibility of the PSC, and the final decision will be communicated to the agency by the PSC Chair.


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