Accreditation Handbook for State Agencies

For sample text of letters of denial of initial accreditation or de-accreditation, see Appendix A and B. I. Procedures Regarding the Appeal of Adverse Actions In the event the decision by the PSC results in the denial of an initial accreditation, de-accreditation, or probation, the agency may appeal the decision. Only the agency shall have the right of appeal. No other party shall be considered to have standing to pursue an appeal. Basis for appeal must show the PSC: 1. Acted with alleged bias; 2. Departed from stated procedures; 3. Made a serious factual error; 4. Failed to consider all significant evidence; or 1. Not later than thirty days from the date of notification of a negative action, the agency shall notify the PSC Chair in writing of its intention to petition for review of the action, and not later than sixty days from the same date the agency shall submit written documentation supporting such petition. 2. The PSC Chair and the appealing agency shall then appoint an appeals committee. The PSC shall maintain a roster of qualified candidates for the appeals committee. The appeals committee shall: a. Be comprised of three persons. b. Not have participated in any way in the decision being appealed. c. Have the qualifications the same as those required to serve on a Review or Audit Team. d. Be comprised of three persons individually selected by the PSC Chair, the agency, and a joint selection by the PSC Chair and the agency. If the Chair and the agency cannot agree on the third member, he/she shall be chosen by drawing from the roster. 3. The agency making the appeal shall provide written material detailing its appeal. The PSC shall provide a written response to the appeal and may meet with representatives of the agency. 4. The appeals committee, at their discretion, may hold a hearing at a mutually convenient time and place. If the committee rules not in favor of the agency, the cost of the hearing shall be borne by the agency. If the committee rules in favor of the agency, CSBS will bear the costs of the hearing. 5. The appeals committee shall either recommend affirming the PSC's decision or recommend that the PSC reconsider its decision, giving reasons in writing in either case. 6. Following a review of the appeals committee recommendation, the PSC shall make a final decision. The PSC's final decision shall become effective immediately. This decision will not be reviewed by the CSBS Board of Directors or any other body. 7. The status of any agency shall remain unchanged during the appeal and there shall be no public notice of an adverse action until the appeal is completed and a final determination on the matter is reached. J. Agency’s Voluntary Withdrawal of Accreditation Status The accreditation program is voluntary. If at any time an agency wishes to withdraw from the program, the Commissioner of the agency is to provide a written notice addressed to the PSC with the reason for the withdrawal. Upon receipt of the letter, the PSC shall implement the following procedures: 5. Rendered a decision that is arbitrary and unreasonable. Should the agency appeal, certain procedures shall apply:


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